Effluent Treatment Facility

The Old Oil Man recently commissioned its new Effluent Treatment Facility at the Chamdor factory near Johannesburg. The plant utilizes the latest in imported ceramic membrane technology. The effluent treatment facility was installed in late July 2010 and commissioned and running by the middle of August 2010.

Treatment of Effluent Water

All effluent water generated in the factory now gets treated in the new Effluent Treatment Facility, before being discharged into the sewer.

The company’s Section 20 permit and water usage license as well as local Municipal and Government permitting allow the discharge of treated effluent to sewer on condition that certain quality criteria are met.


cccFeatures of the Effluent Treatment Facility

  • One of the advantages of the membrane filtration process is that the quality of the treated effluent far exceeds these requirements.
  • The plant also complies with Governments intentions for companies to now “Reduce , Reuse, and Recycle” their waste. All water that leaves our premises enters the Krugersdorp sewerage system and ultimately back into nature. All liquid hydrocarbon that is recovered enters the Fuel Oil feedstock stream
  • The Old Oil Man is now also acceptingwaste liquid products from other companies that would previously not have been accepted. Examples of this are oils that have extremely high water contents, tank washings and cutting oils.
  • The plant also has a Activated Carbon filtration stage that can be used when the effluent contains phenols or the like.

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