Hazardous Waste Management Services

The Old Oil Man provides hazardous waste management services to industries such as the Asphalt, Aluminium, Steel, Copper and Sand Drying . The advent of the new Waste Management Act and the government’s push to “Reduce , Re-Use and Recycle” has resulted in The Old Oil Man  now servicing factories and workshops that previously sent their hazardous waste to landfill.

This is exactly what the new legislation intended. Previously “dumped” product is now being re-cycled, the energy content is being recovered , and the water is being kept out of landfill.

The Old Oil Man can help you dispose and treat:

  • Oils that have extremely high water content
  • Oils that have been contaminated with chemicals and cutting oils
  • Water contaminated waste 

Used Oil Waste Management and Recycling

Waste management legislation in South Africa prohibits the disposal of hazardous waste into landfill. The Old Oil Man offers you an environmentally friendly option through recycling oil into burner fuel. This fuel is an alternative fuel to diesel and is at a better price than traditional products.

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Effluent Waste Management Services

The Old Oil Man is also a certified waste disposal company for the disposal of effluent.  The advent of the new Waste Management Act in South Africa has resulted in customers  approaching the Old Oil Man to dispose of waste water.  We have improved and upgraded our wastewater treatment facilities and now have a sophisticated wastewater treatment plant which separates the hydrocarbon liquids from the watery liquids, thereby extracting the energy content from the waste effluent.

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Fuel Oil Services

Get the most efficient combustion possible with our technical backup service:

  • Diagnose burner and system problems,
  • Do tank cleanouts
  • Monitor tank levels.

These services will help reduce your fuel bill through more efficient fuel burning. Monitoring tank levels will ensure that your don’t run dry and lose valuable production time!