Effluent Disposaleffluent-disposal

Industrial effluent is any wastewater generated by an industrial activity. An industrial activity is any process that involves the creation of any object or service for profit – from the garage that services your car to the café where you buy your lunch. All industry, no matter how big or small, produces dirty water that must be cleaned: industrial effluent.


Environmental Impact of Irresponsible Disposal of Industrial Effluent

Contamination of drinking water supplies from industrial waste is a result of various types of industrial processes and disposal practices. Industries that use large amounts of water for processing have the potential to pollute waterways through the discharge of their waste into streams and rivers, or by run-off and seepage of stored wastes into nearby water sources.

To put a stop to the incorrect and illegal disposal methods the waste management act details how companies should dispose of their effluent waste. You need to ensure that you are using a certified waste disposal company to remove your waste and ensure that you keep your waste disposal certificates.

Wastewater Treatmentwastewater-treatment

The Old Oil Man’s wastewater treatment plant separates the hydrocarbon liquids from the watery liquids thereby extracting the energy content from the waste effluent. This reduces the amount of waste and also generates a fuel for industry. The final by-product that is generated is a far reduced amount than the effluent that was received.

More about The Old Oil Man's effluent treatment facility in Johannesburg.

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