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The Old Oil Man opened in 1989, specializing in Used Lubricating Oil collection. Initially the collected oil was supplied to refiners, and then later on into the explosives industry as a fuel alternative, replacing diesel in emulsion explosives. In 1994 The Old Oil Man refined the processing of the used oil, and started manufacturing Industrial Burner Fuel from the used oil.

Industrial Burner Fuelburner-fuel

The main by-product of recycling used oil is Industrial Burner Fuel. The used and waste oils are separated into different grades. The oils are then filtered and de-watered and then blended to provide a consistent Burner Fuel product for the customer.

What is an Oil Burner?

An oil burner is a mechanical device that combines fuel oil with proper amounts of air before delivering the mixture to the point of ignition in a combustion chamber.

Fuel oil burners can in general be categorized as gun-type (atomizing) burners, pot-type (vaporizing) burners, rotary-type fuel oil burners.

Why Use Industrial Burner Fuel?

  • Burner fuel is an alternative to diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) and reduces the amount of crude oil that South Africa has to import.
  • Being re-cycled waste the price of burner fuel is better than traditional products.
  • By producing a product out of hazardous waste, the Old Oil Man also reduces the amount of toxic waste going to landfill.

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